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Have you always wondered what “adventure travel” is, and whether it’s something you would enjoy? You’re not alone.  Active, experiential travel is the fastest growing leisure travel segment in the U.S., but there is still a lot of confusion out there as to what, exactly, adventure travel means.

 Costa Rica 7

The short answer is that adventure, like beauty,  is in the eye of the beholder.  It can be hard adventure like rock climbing and white water rafting . . . soft adventure like snorkeling or hiking . . . or something in between that we’ll call, for lack of a better word, “mildly adventurous” — that would encompass things like kayaking, zip-lining, or hot-air ballooning. 

For a better description than that, and the inside scoop on what you need to consider if you’re interested in planning an adventurous vacation of your own, tune in to my webinar at 7 p.m. on September 23rd.

I’m teaming up with Lori Carr, president of Tomgirl Tours, to present a free informational webinar called “Adventure Travel 101”. We’ll explain the adventure travel phenomenon, address your fears, answer your questions, and provide some great resources for additional  information.

If you’re interested in attending, send me a quick email at The webinar signup link is not yet active, but I’ll put you on my email list and let you know as soon as you can register.


As if you really need ONE MORE reason to travel,  just check out this article from Conde Nast Traveler about how your next vacation could literally save your life!

I agree completely. We Americans work too hard, take too little time off, and need to re-adjust our priorities. We need to spend more time relaxing with family and friends, trying new activities, and exploring other cultures. Coincidentally, that’s exactly the kind of vacation I plan for my clients.

What better way to rejuvenate yourself than a shared adventure with people you love!

After the one-two punch that Mexico suffered this year (the drug violence and the swine flu scare) their tourism business was really hurting, so it’s nice to see some good news in the media:

The Cancun Convention and Visitors Bureau recently reported that hotel occupancy for July was at 81%.

I guess the word is getting out that Mexico is still a great vacation destination, and there are some amazing deals to be had this year as hoteliers try to lure travelers back to Cancun, the Riviera Maya, and west coast destinations like Cabo and Puerto Vallarta.

I know I’ve been seeing rates at less than $1,000 per person (including air) for a one week stay in a nice all-inclusive in the Riviera Maya. How can you not jump at that?

Annie’s Escapes is expanding its reach.

An offer to write the honeymoon article in the next issue of La Bella Bride magazine has led to a semi-regular gig as a guest travel blogger on their great new “Blogazine”.  

Check out my first post, about the new-and-improved Montauk Yacht Club.

And look for my article in the 2010 issue of the magazine, hitting newsstands throughout the northeast at the end of December.

Always wanted to make like an explorer and cross the Atlantic by ship?  This may be the year to do it!

Cruise lines have always offered good deals on spring and fall  “repositioning cruises”, when they move ships from summer routes in Europe to winter routes in the Caribbean, but this year the rates are better than ever. There are more ships making the move, the economy has already had an effect on pricing and demand, and the cruise lines don’t want to sail with empty cabins.

There’s a great article about this in today’s Miami Herald. The two best pieces of advice:

– These cruises are not for everyone (they’re long, with lots of days at sea)

– It pays to consult a cruise expert to help you find the best fit for you

Living in New England, it’s easy to take the fall foliage season for granted. We just expect September and October to be absolutely breathtaking months, with cool clear nights, bright sunny days, and gorgeous displays of red, orange and yellow leaves — and we certainly don’t appreciate it enough!

The cruise lines do, though.  They take full advantage of the brief “fall foliage” season to run an assortment of New England/Canada sailings from New York and Boston.  These sailing are very popular with folks from other parts of the country, but I think they are an overlooked gem for those of us on the east coast!

Think about it….  you drive to Boston or New York, park your car for a week or ten days, and sail off to Newport, Portland, Bar Harbor, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, and more. All at the very best time of year in the Northeast, when the shore towns are uncrowded but the water is still warm, and the kids have all gone back to school.

Best of all, there are some great deals to be found right now! Royal Caribbean is offering 5-, 7- and 9-night sailings for rates starting at just $569 per person. If you’re interested in a Fall Foliage getaway, give me  a call!

In case you’ve been living under a rock somewhere and missed this trend, destination weddings are huge right now, and Mexico is a very popular location for these events.

In Cancun and the Riviera Maya, it seems that just about every resort now offers wedding ceremonies in beachfront gazebos or right on the beach itself. The problem is that if you’re Catholic, and looking for a consecrated church or chapel, your options are much more limited.

But I have good news!  Real Resorts has opened Cancun’s only Roman Catholic resort chapel on the grounds of the Gran Caribe Real Cancun. The all-glass beachfront chapel, consecrated by the local Bishop,  is available to couples staying at the 477-suite family-oriented property, or at the adjacent adults-only Royal Cancun. The resort offers a broad range of wedding options, from the most simple intimate ceremony to a lavish celebration, and they can even offer weddings on Sundays (when priests are usually not available).

If you’re interested in finding out more, give me a call.

And, if you’re more interested in the Pacific coast of Mexico, fear not! I recently toured a lovely resort in Cabo San Lucas that has a beautiful little on-site chapel.   Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach feels like a Mexican hacienda, and the chapel, while not beachfront, is so authentically Mexican with its carved wood pews and quiet courtyard that I’d get married there in a minute!

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