I may have blogged about this before, because it’s a pet peeve, but I think it’s worth re-visiting the ridiculous add-on fees that the airlines are charging these days — for everything from checked bags and aisle seats to food, drinks, blankets, pillows, and headsets.  One airline (Ryanair) is even considering installing pay toilets!

With so many constantly-changing fees, it can be hard to keep track of what you’ll really be paying for your flight. Especially when you’re trying to compare a low-cost, low-fee carrier like Southwest with one like JetBlue or Spirit (that can initially appear to be low-cost, until you add on the various surcharges).

Want some help keeing it all straight? USA Today published a nice chart today that summarizes the fees charged by the most popular domestic airlines. Just keep in mind that this information will probably be out of date by tomorrow, so be sure to call the airline directly to confirm the fees before you travel!