I never thought of myself as a “tomgirl”, though I certainly played sports in high school and I do enjoy the outdoors. Granted, my vacations usually include some kind of soft adventure (kayaking, hiking, and such) but they are just as likely to include a “girly-girl” afternoon at a spa or a winery.

So I was not sure what I would think of the event I went to last night — the launch of a new tour company called “Tomgirl Tours“. Would they be promoting hard-core adventures for the very fit? Sleeping in tents? Doing without showers? The last could be a deal-breaker — as my husband will attest,  my hard and fast rule is that I won’t stay anywhere I can’t plug in my hairdryer.

I should never have worried!  These Tomgirl tours are right up my alley.

In 2009, for their launch year, they are offering week-long trips to Sedona and the island of St. John (USVI), as well as weekend getaways to Providence and the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Each itinerary includes a well-balanced mix of soft adventure (hot-air balloon rides, snorkeling, ziplines, and even indoor skydiving) and interesting educational experiences (cooking classes, visits to artists’ galleries, an historic walking tour), BUT they also include time for outlet shopping, sun bathing, and some fabulous dining.

Best of all, it’s women-only. And it’s all-inclusive.  So instead of having to be on duty worrying about all the details for a family trip, we women can sit back, relax and enjoy ourselves with our girlfriends!

Their “Savory City Tour” will take place right in my own backyard, here in Providence and Newport, on July 31 – August 2, August 28 – 30, and September 18-20. In addition to spending two nights in a beautiful boutique hotel (the four-star Hotel Providence), it includes some absolutely priceless experiences, like a trolley tour of the city with former Mayor Vincent “Buddy” Cianci, an al fresco cooking class, and an historic walking tour with local restaurateur Bob Burke. If you’re interested in a girls’ getaway in the Renaissance City, give me a call!