I’ve been saying it for a few months now (see this post from February, and this one from April), but now that the Wall Street Journal is saying it, it MUST be true:

This summer may be the best travel opportunity you’ll ever have

In today’s article — It’s a Buyer’s Market for Summer Travel — the WSJ highlights some very good news for travelers.  The weak economy has led to decreases in airfares and hotel rates. With business travel suffering double-digit decreases, premium and business class seats to Europe are more affordable (and available) than ever.  Frequent flier miles are becoming easier to redeem. The dollar has regained strength against the Euro. Hotels (across the board, in all sorts of destinations) are throwing in “added value” inducements like included breakfast, room upgrades and free nights. And the list goes on and on…

The end result is that the outlook for summer travel is very rosy. To quote the author, “if you have the dough, this summer is the time to go”!

If you have not yet planned your summer “escape”, give me a call!