I admit it…I’m thinking about Christmas today.


But not just any Christmas. I’m dreaming about a visit to the Christmas Markets in Europe.  Town squares full of market stalls selling handmade crafts, mouthwatering food and mulled wine.  The smell of grilled sausages….the twinkle of lights….and the crunch of snow underfoot.

I’ve been in Krakow at holiday time, and it was absolutely magical!  So now I’m reading about special deals on Christmas Market river cruises, and wondering how I can steal away for a week or two in November or December. 

The temptation is just too much!  AMA Waterways just e-mailed me about a special one-week sale with free airfare for their Christmas Market cruises that visit places like Prague, Budapest, Vienna, Frankfurt, and Cologne.  All that atmosphere and culture, PLUS a luxurious floating home-away-from-home to come back to each night? Sounds like I’m going to need to do some fast negotiating on the home front. Maybe if I can get all my holiday shopping done by October…..

The sale only lasts until this weekend. So if you’re interested, better let me know!