I spent the day in Boston yesterday for the “trade day” at the Boston Globe Travel Show.  I attended seminars, networked with other travel agents, and talked to representatives from some of the major travel companies and tourism destinations.

Whenever I go to events like this I come back all charged up about the travel industry, and full of ideas for how to make my business even better than it already is.  This year, I also came back excited about the opportunities for my clients!

Across the board, the consistent message from every tourism professional there was that 2009 is going to be a banner year for travelers, and we will NEVER see these prices again.

Cruise lines were talking about two-for-one deals and free airfare. Hoteliers were talking about free nights, special amenities, and unique inclusions. And tour operators were touting unprecedented savings on trip-of-a-lifetime destinations like China, Antartica and Greenland.

The take away message is this — if you’ve been holding off on a dream vacation because you think you can’t afford it, this is the year to seize the opportunity and take that trip.

What’s next on your bucket list? Post your comment and let me know. Personally, I’m thinking it’s time I visited Alaska, the Norwegian fjords or the Galapagos…