I never actually went to summer camp, since I was fortunate enough to grow up in a town on the coast and spend my summer swimming and sailing, but I know that the camps my friends went to were in the woods in New England somewhere and featured campfires, canoeing and crafts. Given the choice, I was happy to stay home and go to the beach.

That being said, I just heard about a new summer camp option that I would have been begging to attend!

Brian Moore Tours, a well-respected specialist for travel to Ireland, is promoting a two-week program called Summer Camp Ireland. Based in Sligo, in the northwest part of Ireland, it combines some great outdoorsy activities (surfing, hiking, horseback riding) with the opportunity to learn about Irish culture and history. Best of all, the kids live in an international “village” where they can get to know other teens from all around the world.

They say that the program is only open to kids ages 12-17.  Think I could sneak in??

If you have a teen who might be interested, let me know. They have a special rate package (including air from Boston or New York) that’s only good for bookings made by March 31st.