I recently saw an article about a cruise line that is announcing a “new” program to help travelers afford to take a vacation this year.  They’re promoting the idea of a “layaway” plan for your cruise — pay a small deposit now and make periodic installments at any time up until the final payment is due.

The truth is, that’s not exactly revolutionary! It has always been possible to pay for your vacation this way, but the travel industry just hasn’t promoted it because most people preferred to hold onto their money until the final payment deadline.  But I guess now it’s time to help spread the word — you can pay for your vacation over time, in installments, as long as it’s paid in full by the final deadline.

Here’s how that works with Annie’s Escapes. Once we finalize your vacation plans and make the required deposit (on a cruise, tour or vacation package — this does not hold true for hotels or plane tickets) you can let me know if you plan to make periodic payments. This can be on an ad hoc basis, whenever you find yourself with some extra cash on hand, or you can ask me to remind you monthly, quarterly, etc. and I’m happy to do so.  The installment payments can be on a credit card (the easiest, since I just have the travel supplier charge your card) or cash/check made out to Annie’s Escapes (which means I hold the $$ in my escrow account for you until your final payment is due).  I’m happy to do the extra accounting and paperwork if it helps you budget for a fantastic “escape”!