My sister and her husband are headed to Walt Disney World this month, for the Disney Marathon, and they seem very skeptical about whether two thirty-something newlyweds (without kids) will really enjoy this family-friendly destination.

From personal experience, I know that they are going to find lots to love!  I’ve been to Walt Disney World as a college student (with my now-husband and his family), as a couple (for our fifth wedding anniversary), and as a parent (several times, with my kids in tow), and I found different things to enjoy each time. 

If you’re headed to WDW without kids, you can explore the parks unencumbered and can stay late in the evenings to make the most of the parades and fireworks. Even if you’re not a typical “theme park” fan, and don’t plan to spend much time in the parks themselves, you can take advantage of some fantastic restaurants, live entertainment, relaxing spas, multiple golf courses, gorgeous pools, and pampering resorts. Gee, that sounds terrible, doesn’t it?

I think my sister (like many other adults who have yet to experience WDW), is picturing a week spent riding roller coasters and visiting with Mickey and Minnie. What she’s going to find is that the “Disney Magic” goes far beyond the theme parks. I can’t wait to hear from her when she gets back 🙂